Marketing MixAudit of your Marketing Mix


Products and Services

A third party evaluation of your portfolio will increase your perception of the attributes and performance of your business.
We will make recommendations to maximise your internal operations and to meet the expectations of tomorrow’s customers.


An assessment of your current pricing strategies and tactics in relation to the market will open quick revenue opportunities at a reduced cost.
A consistent approach in your pricing will increase profit and generate better customer retention.

Place (Distribution channel)

A performance review of your current distribution channel will be undertaken to identify and generate new distribution opportunities, with the view to optimising sales growth in trough periods.


A gathering of all your previous promotional strategies (offers, flyers, discounts, etc) will be cross-checked against your sales per market segment figures. This will provide a clear overview of what promotional strategies are most effective for your business. This will include a snapshot of possible promotional campaigns appropriate for your portfolio.

Delivery time

The presentation of the report will be delivered usually within 7 working days following a full day visit in your company.


Standard cost of A$25.00 per hour apply. Guidelines: