Marketing Strategy

What is marketing strategy?

Meet customer needsIf the key to marketing is to understand customer requirements, then the key to marketing strategy is to develop an internal frame of mind in order to meet the customer needs.

If only…

ConfusedIn modern society, with the globalisation, the development of the web, the up keeping of our planet and the change in customer expectations, to achieve just that internal frame of mind is a maze of activities exploding in a million directions.

So confused…

HelpThat’s why your organisation needs to select one overarching direction to address the customer needs that you can or want to provide. Once that direction (strategy) is selected, then a project can be put in place to communicate with those customers:

The Marketing Plan...

Marketing PlanThis plan is considering all the internal and external factors that are involved between you and the customer needs. It is considering how to add value to your consumers, but also to your employees, the society, your shareholders and stakeholders to address the contemporary issue that your organisation is facing today.

MerKatiK® can help you…

MerKatiK LogoWe will provide full support to help you chose the right direction and put in place a marketing plan for your business. This plan will provide:

          • an Assessment and Evaluation of your current situation,
          • a Proposition and Selection of solutions tailored to your business needs,
          • Change and Project Management planning,
          • Control and reviewing measure.